Friday, July 27, 2012

A Touch of Whimsy

A while back I began transforming our dining room into a playroom.  This room will definitely evolve as Charley gets older so I haven't done anything too permanent in there just yet.  One change I did make though was I swapped out the light fixture (that screamed dining room) for this DIY ribbon chandelier.  When I read this post over at Young House Love I knew it would add the perfect touch of whimsy in our playroom.

I picked up a cross stitch hoop and some colorful ribbon from Michael's to get started.  I pulled colors from existing pieces in the room-like the rug and a framed picture of a stack of books I drew a couple years ago.

I basically cut the ribbon on an angle at varrying lengths, laid them out in a random pattern and hot glued one end of each ribbon to the hoop.  I attached one piece of fishing line to each side of the hoop as a way to hang the chandelier.

Before I could hang it though, I had to call in reinforcements to change the actual light fixture (I haven't quite ventured into the electrical projects).  So B.J. and his dad took down the dining room fixture and replaced it with this pendant lamp (minus the pendant) from Ikea.  Then I added a couple ceiling hooks and a clear, round bulb that looked pretty when you see it through the ribbons.  Ta-da!  A ribbon chandelier!

So playful, and just look at the pretty design it leaves on the ceiling, I love it!

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