Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Say Cheese!

A few weeks back I went to a couple yard sales at a nearby neighborhood with a friend and I came home with quite a few treasures-one being this cheese platter.

I loved the shape of the glass dome and it was only two bucks, so it came home with me.  The blue floral design on the tray wasn't my style so I fancied it up a bit.  I had some left over scrapbook paper from a previous project and the colors were perfect for my new cheese platter, so my plan was to cut the paper to size and use spray adhesive to attach it.  I used a flathead screwdriver to pop the tray off of the wood first so it would be easier to work with.  Once the paper was attached I mod podged over it as a protective coating and then used Gorilla glue to attach the tray back to the wood.


Right now my cheese platter is sitting pretty on our kitchen table and I love it.  Will it really be used for cheese?  Probably not.  But will I stare at it's happy polka dots every time I walk by or sit down to eat?  Absolutely.

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