Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paint Chip Coasters

Don't you just love all the paint chips at Home Depot or Lowes, all lined up and looking pretty?  I certainly do.  I finally decided to do something crafty with them,
 so I picked up a few extra last time I was there.  I wanted to put some coasters on the new bedside tables in the guest room and I had an idea using some green paint chips.  In the past I have made various coasters using ceramic tiles and scrapbook paper or photos.  I actually already had a couple tiles on hand so this project was FREE!

I gathered my materials-paint chips, felt, mod podge, a brush and ceramic tiles.  First, I cut the paint chips shorter and played around with  how I wanted to place them on the tiles.  I used four chips for each tile and overlapped them to cover up the paint color names.  I spread mod podge on the back of each piece and placed it on the tile. 

Next, I painted a layer of mod podge over the top of the whole tile.  Once they dried I attacehd felt to the bottoms so the rough ceramic wouldn't scratch the tables.  The felt I had was peel and stick so it was perfect for this project.  There are actual felt feet that are probably meant for something like this but since I already had regular felt on hand I went ahead and used it.

I love the natural ombre effect that the paint chips have.

Now our guests will have a colorful spot to sit their glass of water, wine, beer, etc.!
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