Saturday, June 9, 2012

Let's Brighten Things Up

I've been noticing that our family room is pretty brown, like REALLY brown.  We have a dark brown wall, two light brown walls, a dark brown couch and chair, a dark brown side table, and dark brown book shelves.  For people who love color, that's pretty brown.  So I took it upon myself to brighten things up.  First, I did a quick, easy furniture switch.  We have a white book shelf in the playroom that is the same as one of the dark brown shelves in the family room, so I just switched them around and it made a huge difference.

So that was step one of 'mission brighten things up'.  The next thing I did required a little more time and effort.  The side table I mentioned earlier is a piece that I had painted a while back and it looked like this...

Can you see it there next to the chair?  Here are a couple more pictures of it in the garage getting ready for it's makeover...

First, I primed it using Krylon's spray primer.

Then, I sprayed multiple thin coats of Krylon's white spray paint.

I don't think I mentioned it before but I had decoupaged decorative scrapbook paper to the sides and top of the table last time I painted it.  I didn't worry about peeling it off or covering it completely with paint because I was going to do the same thing this time.

Once the paint was good and dry I attached the scrapbook paper using spray adhesive and then I mod podged over top of it as a protective coating.  I'm not sure my pictures show it but the sides are covered with a textured white paper and then the striped paper in the middle. 

I wanted to keep things interesting so I chose paper with three different patterns.  I made sure they were made up of the same colors so they didn't compete with each other.

How fun are the polka dots inside the drawer?!

I kept the same clear knob on the drawer and I really like it, but I also think one with a big pop of color might look cute, too.  So I will keep my eyes open to see what's out there in the world of knobs.

So far I am really enjoying the added touches of white to brighten up our family room.  Every room needs a little white, and in our case, a lot less brown! Pin It

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