Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great Grandma's Tables

Well they aren't REALLY anyone's great grandma's table's, but B.J. likes to call them that because they're extremely outdated.  He actually laughed when he saw them sitting there after I had been garage saling. I think he might have even said something along the lines of being impressed if I could actually make them look remotely decent.  Challenge accepted!  In my world, spray paint can fix anything and a bright pop of color can instantly update the most outdated pieces. 

I decided these $15 dollar garage sale finds would soon live in the guest bedroom.  Our guest room is one room in our house that we've barely touched since we moved in.  It consists of leftover furniture and decor that we threw in there without much thought.  These bedside tables have inspired me to give our guest room the attention it deserves.  Afterall, it does actually get used, mostly by our good friend Ben (and when we are lucky, his wife Christina) who comes to town a few times a year to do photography shoots (check out his blog here).  In fact, we refer to it as Ben's room, so hopefully he likes its new look next time he comes to town.

So here is how it all went down.  First, I sanded the tables like crazy.  There was a glossy finish on them so I had to make sure I didn't slack on the sanding step like I usually tend to do (sanding is my least favorite part of a furniture painting project).  I think I pinned something a while back about painting furniture without sanding it-I should check that out.  Anyway, once I sanded them, I wiped them down and moved them outside to prime them.

I used a mix of Valspar and Krylon spray primers because that is what I had on hand.  Then it was time for the fun part-color!  I chose a kelly green spray paint by Valspar and I adore the color.  It's just what I was envisioning.

I left the tables outside for the evening and then moved them back to the garage to hang out for a couple of days. 

I think if these tables did actually belong to a great grandma, she would be loving their fresh, updated look, don't you? 

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