Monday, June 25, 2012

Bold Stripes Ahead(board)

A guest bedroom is really all about the bed and currently our's is not making a good impression.  It's made up of the basics-a metal frame, a box spring and a mattress.  Nothing fancy.  It needed something drastic to make a statement in the room.  What better way to do that then to add a headboard with a bold pattern?  I knew that whatever fabric I chose to upholster a headboard in would set the tone for the whole room, so I really thought about the look I wanted in there.  I ended up wandering down the bathroom aisle at Target and came across this shower curtain...

I loved the bold stripes, the black and white would really pop off the light gray walls, the neutral color would be a perfect back drop for other accents and patterns...sold.  There was no need to head to a fabric store; this fabric shower curtain would do the trick.

My plan was to get a piece of plywood and have it cut to the width of the double bed.  Then I spotted some pegboard that was already 4 feet long, about the perfect width that I needed.  It was also light enough that I wasn't worried I would have trouble hanging it, so I took the pegboard over the plywood.

Before I got started upholstering the headboard, I held the pegboard up to the wall, leveled it, and then drew pencil dots through some of the holes.  This way I would know where to nail into the wall when it came time to hang the headboard.

Then, I laid about three layers of quilt batting on the ground with the pegboard on top.  I used a staple gun to attach the batting to the back of the board.


Next, I ironed the shower curtain and cut it down to size.  I made sure it was a few inches bigger than the board all the way around so I could pull enough to staple to the back of the board.  I followed the same steps that I did when I upholstered my vanity seat. 


Then I had to figure out a way to hang the board from the wall.  At first I thought picture hooks would fit through the holes, which they did, but I wasn't able to tilt the board enough to attach the holes on the hooks.  So I decided to attach picture wire to the back of the board using a staple gun.

Once the picture wire was attached it was super easy to hang it from the hooks on the wall.  I made sure it was level and centered over the bed.

I love when something so simple and inexpensive can make a huge statement in a room.  Once the headboard was hung I started to get a feel for what the room was going to be and I'm looking foward to sharing that with you soon!
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