Monday, June 4, 2012

All Wrapped Up

B.J. and I went to our friends' house for a dinner party over the weekend and we brought along a bottle of wine as a hostess gift.  I wanted to spice it up a little so instead of throwing it into the typical wine bag I did something different.  I wrapped the wine bottle in a kitchen towel and tied it up with ribbon.  A cute DIY wine bag that is reusable in the kitchen! I wish I could take credit for this clever idea but I actually pinned an image from a blog called Fifi Cheek a while back.

I bought this summery kitchen towel at Target for a few dollars and I already had the ribbon on hand from our Christmas wrapping. 

I love that it was such a quick and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to the ordinary bottle of wine hostess gift.  I will definitely do this again!
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