Thursday, June 28, 2012

All Mapped Out

I'm back with another guest room art piece!  When I was thinking about DIY art above the bed, I knew I wanted to stick with the travel theme that I started with this easy art piece.  Immediately I thought about using a map.  The room has a couple pieces with bold stripes (the headboard and rug) so I wanted to balance that out with some circles.  So, let me map it out for ya (haha)...

I picked up a map of the United States at Target for $5.95.  I found it in the magazine aisle, right next to one of my fave magazines (Domino) that isn't published anymore, but there sat a special edition, right before my eyes!  It was my lucky day at Target.  Anyway, back to business.  I laid the map out and traced circles using a juice glass that happened to be the perfect size.

I tried to make circles around certain cities that meant something to us in one way or another just in case this art piece makes its way onto our meaningful map wall that I talked about in this post.  Once I had 20 circles drawn, I cut them out.

Next, it was time to assemble the art.  I arranged (and rearranged) the 20 circles in four rows of five on my 22x28 inch canvas.  Once I liked their places, I used spray adhesive to attach them. 

I thought I would paint a layer of Mod Podge over the whole canvas as a protective coating, but I chose not to, and I took it upstairs to the guest room to see how it looked.  I hung it above the bed and something just didn't look right.

There was something about the bold black and white stripes on the headboard and the pastel colors of the map that felt a little disconnected to me.  So down it came.  I went in search of some scrapbook paper that I could use to replace a few map circles that might help tie the two pieces together.  I came across a black and white plaid paper that I had left over from lining my vanity drawers.

Luckily the spray adhesive hadn't fully dried at this point so I was able to peel off the four map circles I was replacing pretty easily.  It was a subtle change but at the same time it totally made the art piece work above the stark headboard.

I just love the playfulness of the circles, and of course, I love that this project only cost me about 14 bucks.  Not bad, eh? 
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