Friday, June 29, 2012

Be Our Guest

Ok, be honest, how many of you are singing "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast after reading the title of this post I know I am.

So I've shown you bits and pieces of the guest room makeover in this, this, this and this post, and now it's time to see how it all came together.  Overall, I was going for a boutique hotel-ish feel, and I tried to incorporate details that will make our guests feel comfortable.  Here is what the room looked like before...

It was basically a catchall-leftover furniture, baby items we weren't using yet or we were done using already, the ironing board, etc.  Needless to say, it was in need of some freshening up.  I started by painting the walls a light gray called Crushed Granite by Valspar.  I also painted the dresser white and added new bronze hardware. 

The gray walls and the white dresser provided the fresh, clean, neutral backdrop that I was going for.  I used all white bedding that used to be in our bedroom, and added a green pillow and orange throw blanket for pops of color.

I dressed each side table with a stack of magazines, a lamp, a DIY coaster and a plate for guests to catch their jewelry.

Opposite the bed is the dresser. 

I hung a white mirror off center and placed a tray underneath as a place for guests to do their make up, hair, etc.  I also sat a bowl there for extra storage.  The green plant and orange ceramic owl add color and texture.

Next to the mirror I hung a chalkboard so we can leave fun messages for our guests.  I bought an inexpensive frame from Ikea and painted the cardboard inside of it with chalkboard paint.  Beneath that on the dresser sits a water carafe and two glasses.

In the corner of the room sits a chair with a fun polka dot pillow.  It actually matches the desk in our living room but we liked the look of a mismatched chair there so this orange one has just been hanging out in our basement.

I placed an old chest that I bought months ago at a thrift shop in between the two windows.  It holds a wire basket with bath towels for our guests.

I wanted a big pop of color on the ground so I browsed Ikea's rug department and found one with bright stripes.  It was also the perfect shape and size for our dog Libby the space.

This is a bad picture, but how cute is Libby looking out the window? 

This orange tree guy is hanging out in the corner.  I'm not really sure what it is, I think once upon a time we clipped photos to it, and it's been in our basement ever since.  I like the funky shape and color so I brought it up.

So that's it folks!  How about a quick before and after before we call it a day?

It's definitely a lot brighter and happier than it was before, don't ya think?  The best part is that there were only a few things that I had to actually purchase for this makeover.  Most of the items came from the basement, the kitchen, the playroom, the closet...anywhere and everywhere, really! 
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

All Mapped Out

I'm back with another guest room art piece!  When I was thinking about DIY art above the bed, I knew I wanted to stick with the travel theme that I started with this easy art piece.  Immediately I thought about using a map.  The room has a couple pieces with bold stripes (the headboard and rug) so I wanted to balance that out with some circles.  So, let me map it out for ya (haha)...

I picked up a map of the United States at Target for $5.95.  I found it in the magazine aisle, right next to one of my fave magazines (Domino) that isn't published anymore, but there sat a special edition, right before my eyes!  It was my lucky day at Target.  Anyway, back to business.  I laid the map out and traced circles using a juice glass that happened to be the perfect size.

I tried to make circles around certain cities that meant something to us in one way or another just in case this art piece makes its way onto our meaningful map wall that I talked about in this post.  Once I had 20 circles drawn, I cut them out.

Next, it was time to assemble the art.  I arranged (and rearranged) the 20 circles in four rows of five on my 22x28 inch canvas.  Once I liked their places, I used spray adhesive to attach them. 

I thought I would paint a layer of Mod Podge over the whole canvas as a protective coating, but I chose not to, and I took it upstairs to the guest room to see how it looked.  I hung it above the bed and something just didn't look right.

There was something about the bold black and white stripes on the headboard and the pastel colors of the map that felt a little disconnected to me.  So down it came.  I went in search of some scrapbook paper that I could use to replace a few map circles that might help tie the two pieces together.  I came across a black and white plaid paper that I had left over from lining my vanity drawers.

Luckily the spray adhesive hadn't fully dried at this point so I was able to peel off the four map circles I was replacing pretty easily.  It was a subtle change but at the same time it totally made the art piece work above the stark headboard.

I just love the playfulness of the circles, and of course, I love that this project only cost me about 14 bucks.  Not bad, eh? 
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Green

Banana Republic Outlet dress, Gap Outlet necklace and ring, Stella and Dot bracelets, T.J. Maxx wedges, gifted clutch, Essie's Canyon Coral nail polish

It's wedding season in Ohio!  I saw this dress hanging on the rack, squeezed between some other dresses, and the color caught my eye.  Green must be the color of the season for me seeing as I painted the guest room tables almost the exact same color a couple weeks back. 

I accessorized with coral because I love how it pops off of the green and it's such a fun color for Summer.

I'm finding that navy blue is a great neutral so I carried this navy clutch with gold beaded detail.

I paired this outfit with nude wedges, which I foresee becomming my go to heel this Summer.

Happy wedding season!
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Bold Stripes Ahead(board)

A guest bedroom is really all about the bed and currently our's is not making a good impression.  It's made up of the basics-a metal frame, a box spring and a mattress.  Nothing fancy.  It needed something drastic to make a statement in the room.  What better way to do that then to add a headboard with a bold pattern?  I knew that whatever fabric I chose to upholster a headboard in would set the tone for the whole room, so I really thought about the look I wanted in there.  I ended up wandering down the bathroom aisle at Target and came across this shower curtain...

I loved the bold stripes, the black and white would really pop off the light gray walls, the neutral color would be a perfect back drop for other accents and patterns...sold.  There was no need to head to a fabric store; this fabric shower curtain would do the trick.

My plan was to get a piece of plywood and have it cut to the width of the double bed.  Then I spotted some pegboard that was already 4 feet long, about the perfect width that I needed.  It was also light enough that I wasn't worried I would have trouble hanging it, so I took the pegboard over the plywood.

Before I got started upholstering the headboard, I held the pegboard up to the wall, leveled it, and then drew pencil dots through some of the holes.  This way I would know where to nail into the wall when it came time to hang the headboard.

Then, I laid about three layers of quilt batting on the ground with the pegboard on top.  I used a staple gun to attach the batting to the back of the board.


Next, I ironed the shower curtain and cut it down to size.  I made sure it was a few inches bigger than the board all the way around so I could pull enough to staple to the back of the board.  I followed the same steps that I did when I upholstered my vanity seat. 


Then I had to figure out a way to hang the board from the wall.  At first I thought picture hooks would fit through the holes, which they did, but I wasn't able to tilt the board enough to attach the holes on the hooks.  So I decided to attach picture wire to the back of the board using a staple gun.

Once the picture wire was attached it was super easy to hang it from the hooks on the wall.  I made sure it was level and centered over the bed.

I love when something so simple and inexpensive can make a huge statement in a room.  Once the headboard was hung I started to get a feel for what the room was going to be and I'm looking foward to sharing that with you soon!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Easy Art

A while back I bought a box of notecards of various cities around the world from T.J. Maxx for a few dollars.  They looked like little pieces of art to me so I snatched them up thinking I could do something fun with them.  They've been sitting on my desk until just a few days ago when I finally had a plan.  As you know, I've been redecorating the guest room and I thought these would make for a great DIY art piece in between the windows.  When I think of a guest room I instantly think of traveling because usually the person staying in there would have traveled from another place.  These little cards definitely speak to that.  Now I just needed an idea of what to do with them, so off I went around the house in search of an existing item to help create some art with these cards. 

Down in the basement I came across this empty frame that used to hang in our library room a while back.  The best's green!  It's hard to tell from the dark picture (many of my projects occur when Charley is sleeping and it's dark out, hence the not so great pics).  So the frame matches the bedside tables which is perfect because I wanted to add more bits of green into the room.

At first I thought I might place the cards in the frame collage style, but then I had a different idea.

I attached picture wire using a staple gun from one side to the other on the back of the frame.  Then I rummaged through a craft drawer and found mini, wooden clothespins and I hung the cards on the wire.

This was such a quick and easy project and only cost me $3.99 for the box of notecards.  I love that!  I also love that the cards could easily be swaped out for something different down the road if I get in the mood to change it up.  Me?  Change something around?  Never. 

 I did a couple other DIY art-ish pieces for the guest room so stay tuned!
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