Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Styled and Organized

I always feel energized after rearranging or organizing something in a new way, so I was happy to start styling and organizing my new vanity.  Every vanity needs a mirror and I love the look of these two that are simple with straight lines.  Pairing the modern mirrors with the vintage vanity helps it make sense in a room full of modern furniture.  I chose a lamp base made up of clear balls because it compliments the clear knobs on the drawer (and adds a touch of glamor), and I topped it off with a white textured shade.

Opposite the lamp sits a make up mirror, make up brushes and the jewelry I wear almost daily.  A recycled glass jelly jar holds my brushes and the jewelry is placed on a small pedastal tray I picked up from a thrift shop a while ago.

I placed a metal tray in the center of the vanity to catch the dust from my make up (I use mineral make up and it flies everywhere).  I love that the neutral tan color of the tray tones down the bright yellow of the vanity. 

Now that you've seen how I styled the top, let's take a peek inside.  Before I could start filling all of those drawers, they needed a little TLC.  This used to be a child's desk so as you can imagine the inside of the drawers were beautifully decorated with crayon.  To clean them up a bit I covered them with a few pieces of scrapbook paper with simple patterns that I bought at Michael's.

I placed a drawer organizer that I bought months ago at T.J. Maxx inside the middle drawer to organize some jewelry.  It holds bracelets, statement necklaces, and earrings.

The drawer to the left holds my delicate necklaces and rings.  I organized them in small ceramic bowls.  I found them in the dining aisle at Target and I couldn't resist the sweet polka dot texture.

The drawer to the right holds all of my make up.  Nothing fancy, just laid out flat so I can see it all at a quick glance.

The other drawers hold things like hair accessories and the jewelry I don't wear often.  And I probably should mention that I gave B.J. a drawer to store all of his watches.  He is a bit of a drawer hoarder in our bedroom so I should feel lucky that he is satisfied with occupying only one of my vanity drawers!

I love that my new space feels uncluttered and yet my make up and jewelry are easily accessible.  I am so happy I didnt walk past that $20 rainbow colored children's desk at the thrift store a couple weeks ago! 

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