Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainbow to Sunshine

I have been looking for a vanity for our bedroom for a while now and I finally found the perfect one.  I went to a thrift store with a friend last week and right away this piece caught my eye.

Luckily I was able to look past the rainbow paint and chunky wood hardware to see it's beautiful shape.  This child's desk held so much potential with it's curved detail and abundance of storage that I couldn't pass it up.  Okay, let's get down to business...first, I took off all of the hardware and sanded down the vanity.

(Can you see Libby under there giving it a little inspection?)

Once the sanding was complete I wiped it down and made sure it was all clean and dry and ready to be primed.  I used one coat of Kilz spray primer.

Then it was time for the fun part...paint!  I knew I wanted to do yellow to balance out the yellow chair on the opposite wall in our room.  I have painted yellow walls before and it can be tricky to find the perfect shade, especailly when you are trying to match an existing piece.  I bought three different yellow spray paints in hopes of one being the perfect shade.  Neither of them matched the chair exactly so I started with the lightest shade called Warm Yellow by Rustoleum.  I knew after the first coat that it was going to be too light and creamy for what I was going for but I continued onto the second coat just to make sure.  And then B.J. carried it all the way to our room so I could be SURE sure that it wasn't the right color, and it wasn't, so back to the garage it went. 

Warm Yellow by Rustoleum
I ultimately went with Sun Yellow by Krylon and although it's brighter than the yellow chair, it goes well in the room and is just the pop of color I was looking for.

Sun Yellow by Krylon
The vanity hung out in the garage for a couple days to be sure it was good and dry.  It was hard to wait because I was anxious to fancy it up with some new hardware.  I chose bronze finished pulls for the side drawers and clear knobs for the middle drawer.  I thought the clear knobs added the right amount of girliness that every vanity needs.


The seat that came with the vanity was a wooden stool and I only painted the legs of it yellow because I had different plans for the top.  I used some left over fabric from previous bedroom projects and some quilt batting to make a seat cushion.  I simply wrapped the wooden top with a couple layers of batting and used a staple gun to attach  it to the bottom of the seat.  Once that was secure I cut the fabric to size and stapled it over top of the batting.



I am so happy with the finished product and it's just what our bedroom was missing.  Besides the yellow upholstered chair, our bedroom is made up of modern furniture from West Elm and Ikea.  I love that the curved detail on this vanity off sets all of the straight lines on our bed and dressers.  Adding vintage pieces gives a room character and that's one reason why I love mixing the old with the new.

Check back soon for my next post on how I styled the vanity and organized my make up and jewelry!

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  1. It's beautiful! I can't wait to see it styled with all of your things. I am enjoying your blog. You've inspired me to start my own, which I've been talking about doing for forever. Thanks for that!

  2. How exactly did you sand it? Did you use sand paper or a sander?

    1. I used sandpaper because at the time I didn't own a sander. It worked just fine though!