Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Labeled Pots

I picked up a few ceramic flower pots at Ikea with no real purpose in mind solely because they were 49 cents a piece.  49 cents! 

I love the look of these spice jars from Anthropologie with the pop of color and the chalkboard label, but I'm not sure I need them (except to stare at how cute they are), so I just used them as inspiration for my new pots.

I had some leftover chalkboard paint in my garage so I painted different shaped labels on each pot.  I did two coats of paint and waited 24 hours to write on them.  I left them neutral so I can add the pop of color with what I put inside, but you could always paint the rim of the pot or add a ribbon for color.

I think they would be so cute holding napkins and utensils at a cookout or a picnic.  Even more I would love to use these as place markers for a dinner party.  You could put each person's napkin and utensils inside and write their name on the label.  And for 49 cents a piece you could even send your guests home with these as a fun party favor!

For now I am using one of my labeled pots as a vase to hold flowers in our family room.  Next week it could hold fresh herbs in the kitchen or pencils on our desk, so many options!

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