Thursday, May 31, 2012

Double Duty

My aunt passed along a wooden chest to me a couple of years ago when she didn't have a place for it anymore.  It was once my grandma's so I was excited to have it be a part of our home.  I didn't want it to be just a chest pushed up against a wall somewhere, so instead it became a table in our "library" where it lived between two sitting chairs.  I loved the look of the old, worn, wooden chest next to modern, white chairs.  It made the room so cozy and inviting.  We even topped it off with a Scrabble board to make it extra inviting.  People always asked us if we really sat down to play Scrabble there...well of course we did!  Okay, maybe once.

So what once was our library is now our dining room and needless to say some furniture got moved around.  The chairs now live in the playroom and the chest has made a new life for itself as a bench at the dining room table.  Our table is black/brown in color and it's very modern from West Elm-the styles are complete opposites.  But once again, I love mixing old with new and I adore the coziness the bench brings to the dining room.

I just topped the chest off with some simple, white cushions and called it a bench!  Don't you just love items that can serve double duty?! Pin It

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